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Scrub surfaces, fixtures with Dial cleansers

May 26th, 2013

If you’re looking for cleansers to keep your home or office sparkling clean, then consider using Dial products. The brand offers an assortment of products that can get you clean, including bathroom cleansers, laundry detergent and soap. To find the right product to suit your needs, consider checking out the following selection from Dial.

If you’re tired of soap scum on your surfaces, then consider using Dial Soft Scrub® Liquid All Purpose Cleanser with Bleach Disinfectant 36 oz. Bottle. The cleanser is safe to use on toilets, countertops, sinks and tiles, and you won’t have to worry about scratching up or ruining your fixtures. You can also use it on shower doors to give them a brand-new look.

Dial Soft Scrub Total Foaming Bathroom Cleanser, 25.4 oz Trigger Bottle makes cleaning a breeze; just point the nozzle at the surface and spray, then wipe away the dirt. The cleanser can be used on a multitude of surfaces, including porcelain, glass and ceramic.

Keep germs at bay with Dial Soft Scrub Liquid Cleanser w/Bleach, 24oz DIA01602. The cleanser can be used on sinks, countertops and toilets, so keep a bottle stashed in your bathroom. The bottle has a flip-top lid, which makes it easy to pour and store.

Dial Soft Scrub Lemon Cleanser, Non-bleach, Biodegradable, 24 Oz. Bottle features a flip-top lid and can be used on just about any surface, including your tub or office desk. You can also use it on other items, including your pots and pans and to clean stubborn stains on your vinyl siding.

Keep your entire office clean with Dial Soft Scrub DPR01650 All-Purpose Gel Cleaner with Bleach, Gel, 17 oz. Bottle, 9 Per Carton. The bottle has a small nozzle, so you won’t need to worry about accidentally dispensing the bottle’s contents all over the floor. This product is ideal for commercial applications, including hospitals.


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