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Scoop up sweet strawberries covering the chocolate by Sharis Berries

July 13th, 2013

When a company is so well known for a particular product that it uses that product in its name, you know that you have a success. Sharis Berries specializes in chocolate-covered strawberries, but these are not your basic supermarket strawberries that have been covered in cheap chocolate. They are extra-large berries enrobed in rich, gourmet chocolate and topped with a swizzle or another type of chocolate or coated in a gourmet topping. Check out a few of the dark chocolate-covered strawberries from Sharis Berries below:

4 Caramel Pretzels & Half Dozen Swizzled Strawberries pairs strawberries that have been coated with a thick layer of chocolate and topped by a decorative drizzle with pretzels that have been covered in caramel. This combination will surely be a crowd pleaser or make one person very happy – and full! These pretzels and six strawberries may be found for around $30.
Full Dozen Signature Dark Strawberries includes strawberries that have a bittersweet dark chocolate exterior that is again dipped in treats like chocolate chips, a drizzle of white chocolate or almonds. For 12 of these huge berries, you can anticipate paying around $40.
Half Dozen Gourmet Dipped Premium Strawberries usually cost $30. This set of six strawberries has dark chocolate and gourmet toppings for an indulgent treat or sweet gift for anyone with a love of chocolate or strawberries.
10 Cherries & Half Dozen Fancy Chocolate Chip Covered Strawberries is made for the fruit-lover who cannot decide between chocolate-covered cherries or strawberries. Both fruits are juicy and sweet, and the chocolate on the outside makes them extra-sweet. For around $45, you can get this set of chocolate-covered fruit for a loved one, friend or yourself.


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