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Scissor products with ultra functional features

June 26th, 2013

Scissors don’t seem to get the fame that other office supply products usually get. While computers and other electronic devices get more thought due to the higher price tag, scissors are a product that aren’t fully appreciated until they can’t be found. When stocking up your home office, crafting area or kitchen junk drawer; there are a number of scissor products to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a pair of scissors that will be able to cut through fabric with ease or a pair that will be safe enough for children’s use, it’s important to look at all the different features that each scissor product entails.
The following are some scissor products to choose from:
Clauss Forged Nickel Plated Office Scissors, 9, Black (ACM10252) are hot forged shear scissors that are made of cutlery quality carbon steel. The cut length is 4 ½ inches with a scissor length of 9 inches. It features a pointed tip with a black handle.
Clauss Forged Nickel Plated Straight Office Scissors, 7, Black (ACM10259) are made from cutlery quality hot forged carbon steel for an ultra tempered and hardened pair of scissors. This is meant to be used by those with a right hand orientation, has a 7 inch scissor length and a black handle color.
Hot Forged Carbon Steel Straight Shears are a high quality pair of cutting shears forged from carbon steel. It features a slanted tip and black handle. The average price for this product is around $31.
“Westcott 9″” ExtremEdge Adjustable Tension Titanium Bonded Scissors, Gray, Bent-Handle” has an adjustable blade tension feature that helps to allow for an increased layers for cutting. The handle is bent for a more comfortable grip. The blade is a full 9 inches for an increased cutting area.
Fiskars Blunt-Tip Children’s Scissors is a children’s scissor product with a cut length of 1 ¾ inches and scissor length of 5 inches. It has a straight handle type, stainless steel material and can be used by both left or right handed people.


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