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Save money on back-to-school gadgets

August 6th, 2013

Back to SchoolBy Phil Hornshaw

Yes, it’s still summer — but it’s not too soon to be a total downer and start thinking about getting back to school. Now is the time to start capitalizing on back to school sales, especially for students who hope to grab the latest and greatest gadgets to help with another year of education.

Even though you might still be ready to enjoy another month of summer vacation, the back to school sales are out in force already. Whether you’re looking for tablets, laptops, media or something in between, now is the time to get the great educational gadgets you need for a successful school year.

Look for the student discounts

Just about everyone will have a back-to-school sale of some kind or another over the next month, but you don’t want just the regular sales when searching for this year’s greatest gadgets – you want some serious discounts to help you get the best start on your education.

Radio Shack is a great place to start the search. It’s currently offering a 10 percent discount for students and educators, which can be a serious help on big purchases. You can also earn as much as 3 percent Cash Back, and the online store offers free shipping on items over $50.

Apple is also well-known for its student pricing – in addition to the 1.5 percent Cash Back you can snag on items such as iPads and Mac computers, you can also get as much as $200 knocked off the price with Apple’s student pricing. If you buy a Mac for college, Apple also offers $100 gift cards for apps for your new system.

Another option worth checking out is Best Buy, which is currently running a big back-to-school sale. In addition to regular discounts on everything from laptops to SD cards, you can also find daily deals that might help you snag some items you need on the cheap, especially when you add in the 2 percent cash back you can earn.

If Apple products aren’t your thing, consider Dell, which offers as much as 30 percent off its Windows computers with various student discounts. You can also grab a Dell PC for $699 and above and get a $200 gift card for your trouble, and that’s on top of the 3 percent Cash Back the electronics seller offers.