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How to save money on luxury home decor items — for your pet

September 4th, 2013
PetSmart boutique

A designer dog crate at PetSmart.

By Aimee Heckel 

Your daughter wants a parakeet. All you can foresee is dirty newspapers, a hideous cage and bird seed scattered all across the living room.

It doesn’t have to be that ugly.

You can still get those pets that your children dream of, and maintain a beautiful house, too. In fact, some of the new luxury-styled pet supplies from PetSmart’s pet “boutique” would make beautiful home accessories, not to mention make your new pet feel like an important part of the family.

Here are some of our favorite elegant and designer pet supplies at PetSmart, and how to save money on them. You won’t believe the luxury that awaits today’s pets.


This “royalty” bird cage, $476, looks like a mini, wrought-iron pagoda. It features a pull-out tray to make cleaning easy, stainless steel cups and every elegance a pet parakeet could ever want.

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No more unsightly, plastic dog crates. This “BowHaus” Modern dog crate ($1,026.99) is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. Make it a dog hide-away or hide the kitty litter in here.

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Looking for a cheaper option?

The round, ZenHaus designer dog crate (starting at $579.99) is just as stunning, and multi-functional. Use it as an end table next to your couch or bed.


Don’t taint your lovely home with a homemade, carpet-stapled cat tree. Instead, pick a kitty playground that you can use, too. We love this modern cat tree, that doubles up as a bookshelf and end table. It looks stunning, and also is filled with little nooks for your furry friend to hide in ($355.99).

In addition, litter boxes can be the most offensive part of being a cat-owner. Check out these stylish, multi-purpose pieces of furniture that are designed to hide the kitty bathroom.

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