How to save money on healthy food -- delivered right to your door

How to save money on healthy food — delivered right to your door

July 18th, 2013

By Aimee Heckel

No more excuses for not feeding your kids healthy food.

No money to spend on healthy food? Junk food and fast food is not actually cheaper than healthy food. A bag of baby carrots — more than any kid could ever eat — typically costs around $1. A bag of Doritos, with no nutritional value or staying power for keeping your kid feeling full, costs about $3.

Same goes for drinks. Water is essentially free. Splurge and buy a lemon for 50 cents to give it some flavor (one lemon can flavor a half a dozen glasses).

No time to go to the grocery store? Order healthy snacks delivered right to your door.

simply-fruit-1901. The Fruit Company sells baskets of hand-picked fruit. Sign up for the monthly membership starting around $70, with free shipping. Choose between recommended selections or create your own custom fruit order.

Order it for your family — or your kid who is getting ready to head off to college. A fruit basket is also a healthy alternative to sending cookies and cake for someone’s birthday, or a practical gift instead of flowers for someone who is mourning or ill.

Use the coupons and take advantage of a variety of special deals for the Fruit Company – plus get 7 percent Cash Back on your order.

slider-box2. Door to Door Organics delivers to your door organic, all-natural groceries. Customize your order (just like at the grocery store, add the fruits to your cart), or select Local Farm Boxes, filled with fresh produce from Colorado farms. Pick from fruits, veggies, “ethical meats,” cheeses or shop by recipe. Delivery is free, and there is no commitment.

3. Naturebox goes beyond just fresh produce. It delivers healthy snacks to your door. Each month, your box has 15 to 20 services of five different snacks. Discover new, healthy snacks every month, never with high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors or questionable ingredients.

New to the health-food scene? Start with the Health Myth Busters Box. This box will actually teach you about common health misconceptions, feeding your brain and your belly.

4. allows you to choose from over 90 different healthy snacks to be delivered to your home — or office. The catch: Graze is still pretty new, so sign up online to get a special code. When they expand to meet the too-high demand, they will send you a special code to try it out.

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