No shopping for a year? Tucker Up blogger dishes on her latest challenge

No shopping for a year? Tucker Up blogger dishes on her latest challenge

June 20th, 2013

Sarah TuckerSarah Tucker oTucker Up caught our attention when we found out that she was embarking on a challenge — going one year without buying clothes! As a self-described shopping lover, she spills on what she is learning from this experience and other life happenings along the way. She loves reality TV, DIY projects and her hubby. Meet Sarah …

Where I’m based: Dallas, Texas

How long I’ve been blogging: 11 months

Blog basics: Tucker Up is a bunch of ramblings with topics ranging from being a newlywed, to owning our first house, to my New Year’s resolution — not shopping for an entire year. You can find recipes, two adorable puppies, fashion, DIY projects, reality show talk, relationship talk, family talk and a whole bunch of other girl talk.

Other blogs I love: Oh I love so many, but here are three for you: Young House LoveTotal Basset Case, Camp Patton

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream and reality TV, usually at the same time.

Last thing I bought: A graduation gift for my little brother. I took him shopping and he bought some new clothes and a comforter for his dorm. He is a pretty simple dude, so I got off easy with clothes and a comforter.

So are you really going an entire year of not purchasing new clothes, shoes, or accessories? YES! It has been life changing thus far. I feel as though I was putting too much emphasis on materialistic items and this challenge has really shown me to be thankful for what I do have, which is plenty. I can also see a huge increase in our bank account which, now that I am married, is a huge plus since it is now our money and our financial future. I have become more realistic about my unhealthy shopping habits and it took this drastic change for me to see that there are greater things in life than a new pair of shoes.

What DIY projects do you enjoying doing the most? I love doing projects for our house. I have made a Starburst mirror for $5 and a nailhead trim headboard for less than $50. It is fun getting inspiration from high end stores and recreating them on a newlywed budget.

What’s the best bargain you’ve ever gotten? I would say this free lamp my in-laws gave us. It was from the 80′s and I updated it into something that could fit into with our decor. If we are talking clothes, it would have to be these skinny jeans — $12.99 and I have worn them more times than I would ever be able to count!

What do you find yourself pinning these days? Mostly food and home decor. I try to stay away from pinning clothes because I am trying to resist as much temptation from shopping as possible. But pinning food is almost as torturous, right? You see all this delicious looking food and instantly think, “I’m hungry, but I can’t make everything I am pinning!”

How would you define your style? Casual and classy. It is a running joke that I will never have to buy maternity clothes because all my clothes are loose and flowy. It is really important for me to be comfortable in what I am wearing. I don’t want to have to suck in while eating or worry about something “falling” out. I try to stick with classic pieces and avoid filling my closet with trendy pieces that will go out of style. I don’t buy my clothes just to turn around and have them go out of style. I like to invest in key pieces and build around those according to the trends.

What does your second year of marriage have in store for you? Oh, that’s a great question. Well, I am starting a new job! I recently left the world of public accounting and am now going to be a 5th grade teacher. This is a huge change. Lots of our friends are getting married or having babies so I am sure our year will be filled with a lot of special occasions. We have grown so much in this first year of marriage that I cannot wait to see what year two brings. First comes love, then comes marriage and year two could be the one with the baby carriage.