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Sanitize your hot tub water

July 1st, 2013

Relaxing in a cloudy, gray-colored water with bacteria floating around in it sounds wonderful, right? No hot tub owner wants to experience that, and there is no reason they should. With many cleaners, defoamers and brominating tablets available for purchase on the web, every hot tub owner can take comfort in the fact that their tub is sanitized and ready for use. 

A few hot tub cleansers and tablets include:

If you are in the market to purchase a hot tub, I suggest taking a look at the LifeSmart Elite 5-Person 20-Jet Spa. The hot tub would look fantastic outdoors on a backyard deck. The wood paneling and unique shape make it ideal for homes and private use. This hot tub will seat up to five people and features jets to enhance your hot tub experience. 

Once you have purchase your hot tub, you may want to consider some type of cleaning product to prevent the water and tub from collecting grime, dirt and bacteria. The Leisure Time Brominating Tablets – 1.5 lb can help aid in this process. These tablets contain bromine which can help to effectively clean your tub. You can purchase this product on the web for an average price of $25.

Leisure Time Defender – 1 qt will work exceptionally well with the brominating tablets. This product will prevent scale from forming, which can extend the life of your hot tub and allow you many years of soaking. The average retail price of this product is $18.  

Leisure Time Sodium Bromide – 1 lb also works well with the Leisure Time Brominating Tablets. This product will add bromine to your tub and will work in unison with the tablets to deliver fresh and sanitized water. The average price of this product is $19 on the web.


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