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Reward your puppy friends with Zuke’s just for being them

June 18th, 2013

Your dogs are just as much a part of the family as anyone else, and families with puppies know that to be the truth. Zuke’s doesn’t want your fur-babies to settle for boring old dry or wet food that is just like everything else on the market. Special flavors and unique tastes are what Zuke’s serves up, and they do it so that your dogs will love you even more than they surely already do.

Zuke’s Super Yummy Berry Blend Dog Treats, 6-oz bag: It’s not just meat and chicken and fish that get dogs excited. If they could get berries and vegetables in easy-to-eat ways, then they’d love to have them. That’s what Zuke’s makes possible with this special berry blend that is great tasting and always good for your dogs.

Zuke`s Hip Action Dog Treat Chicken 6oz: Your dogs may be getting older in age, but their health doesn’t have to deteriorate. The special combination in these treats keeps them great tasting and helps relieve any joint pain in your furried friends and also improve mobility in them as well.

Zuke’s 16-Ounce Mini Bakes Dog Treats, Chicken n’ Cherryz: Healthy, tasty, and fun…these Chicken n’ Cherryz crunchy treats are just what dogs are looking for when they are ready to eat and can’t take the wait any longer.

Zukes Power Bones Dog Treat Beef 6 oz: Heading out on your morning run with your furry friend by your side? You’re going to remember an energy bar for you so don’t forget one for them as well. These Power Bones from Zuke’s are great for giving a healthy boost of energy to your dogs when they need it most.

Zuke’s Super Tasty Greens Blend Dog Treats, 6-oz bag: Make sure to get your dogs their share of vegetables in tasty ways that they won’t even realize are coming their way. Healthy and full of nutrients, these vegetable blends are just what they need to break up the protein they get at meal times.


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