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Reveal a new you with hair colors in red shades

June 27th, 2013

Blondes don’t necessarily have more fun. Red heads can have fun, too, and you can be one, whether you were born with red hair or not. There are many types of hair color that range from bright reds or more subdued, natural tones. Whether you want to stand out and make a statement or cover any fading in your natural red hair, there are hair colors for your needs. With brands like Clairol and Chi, you can discover your new favorite or pick up a trusted brand you have used before. Learn more about some of the many red hair colors that you can buy below:

Chi Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color 5RR Red Wine costs an average of $15. This dark red color has a formula that is free of ammonia and other scalp-irritants. A light fragrance is added to this product to make application pleasant.

Clairol Textures & Tones Hair Color, Blazing Burgundy 4RV, 1 ea goes on in one application. This bright red color has added moisturizers to keep hair looking soft and smooth. The average cost to buy a box of this hair color is around $6.

Paul Mitchell The Color Permanent Cream Hair Color 6R Dark Red Blonde is a rich cream hair color that retails for up to $14. This hair color creates a dark reddish-blonde shade and comes from one of the big names in salon products – Paul Mitchell.

Naturtint, Permanent Hair Colorant Fireland (I6.66) 5.6 fl oz is an all natural hair color that does not contain ammonia. This permanent color creates a bright, fiery red shade that will grab everyone’s attention. Most sellers offer this hair color for around $14 a box.

Wella Koleston Perfect Permanent Creme Hair Color 5/46 Light Brown/ Red Violet 2 oz is a professional-quality hair color that creates a brown hair color with light reddish undertones tones that complement the brown. You can expect to pay around $12 for a tube of this permanent hair color cream.


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