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Relax like a superhero with these Newco products

June 18th, 2013

It’s Superman here to save the day, or at least be there in essence. If you’re struggling to decide on what type of items to buy for a young child who happns to be a Superman fan, take a look at just a few examples of some great items to pick from.

Warner Brothers Superman Icon Chair is both comfy and stylized to look like what Superman’s own chair might look like at home. Take a break in this comfortable chair that fits kids up to the age of nine. Feel like a superhero for a day, and get ready to fight the forces of evil and save the world.

Warner Brothers Superman Icon Recliner will make you feel like you’ve just had a day at the spa. Delight new and old fans of the Superman fandom with this reclining chair. Superman’s trademark colors of red, yellow and blue are vibrant and makes this chair look appealing. It might not go with the rest of your furniture, but it still makes an impression.

Warner Brothers Superman-Power Up Flip Sofa is adorable, and can be turned into a little couch or bed for toddlers and younger children. This couch can go anywhere in the house, whether it’s in a playroom or in the living room with the rest of the family. Younger children will be so happy to have their own furniture, and you’ll enjoy taking pictures of them sitting on it  too.

Warner Brothers Superman Power Up Deluxe Toy Box is easy to use and is perfect to teach young ones how to put away their toys after making a mess. This toy box has a great emblem depicting Superman flying off on another adventure, and after naptime is over, so can your child.

Superman Deluxe Toddler Sofa, Chair and Ottoman looks exactly like the big chairs that mommy and daddy sit in too, which will make your little one feel just like a grownup. Beautifully drawn pictures of Superman adorn each item, and when you have play dates, visiting toddlers can lounge around.


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