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Reinvent your home or business with elegant chandeliers

June 21st, 2013

Chadeliers bring together class and charm with innovative designs. Crystorama has is all from small wall sconces, to big and flashy chandeliers that look like they came right out a movie, or out of another era. Make your house or office look special by illuminating it in style.

Crystorama 5202-DR-GT-MWP Soho 2 Light Wall Sconce in Dark Rust with Golden Teak Hand Cut Crystal adds style and look graceful, made from darker metal for a finished look. You can play around with the colors however, if you’d like something lighter to match what’s in your home. You can purchase a chandelier on many online retail sites for $1,500.

Crystorama 5202-DR-CL-MWP Soho 2 Light Wall Sconce in Dark Rust with Hand Polished crystal is stylish and can be placed in any area of the home whether it’s in a hallway or a bathroon. You can purchase this item online from various retailers for $228.

Crystorama 6706-DR 6-Lights Lead Crystal Wrought Iron Handpainted Chandelier – Dark Rust looks highly antique, with modern features. This chic and classy chandelier is adorned with clear beads that hang off the bottom like droplets of water. This chandelier is the perfect piece to add to a dining room area, and to make the center of how you decorate the room.

Crystorama 5219-DR-CL-MWP Soho 21 Light Chandelier in Dark Rust with Majestic Wood Polished Crystal is charming, and wrought out a strong and sturdy iron. The darker color of the chandelier makes it easy to pair with dark woods like mahogany and cherry wood.

Crystorama Lighting Group 4507-DR Dark Rust / Amber Crystal Paris Flea Market Six Light Paris Flea C is beautiful and looks as if it’s incased in drippingn icicles. This chandelier can come in three different colors, and you can find it on various online retail sites for $500.


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