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Receptables to keep your establishment neat and tidy by Safco

May 20th, 2013

Trifecta-Waste-Receptacle-15-Cans.mainWhen people look to the quality of a residential home, one of the major aspects to take into consideration is the curb appeal of the outside exterior. Not only is the actual exterior of the home considered but also the landscaping and structural details. The same can be said for commercial properties because it exudes a look of professionalism, which can help to draw in customers and adversely keep them away. Safco has a number of receptacle products that help to ensure a tidy exterior to any building while maintaining a look of professionalism.

The following are some receptacle products by Safco:

Safco 9550BL Trifecta Waste Receptacle 26” H Base has a capacity of 15 gallons. This product has a sleek triangular design that can be neatly tucked into corners. The steel material gives it added durability and longevity.

Canmeleon 15 Gallon Recessed Panels Ash Urn / Side Receptacle in Tan is made from high density polyethylene and has built-in UV inhibitors. The telescoping base hides the interior bag and the capacity is 15 gallons.

Canmeleon Indoor / Outdoor Receptacle Pentagon Polyethylene Black Safco 9485BL has a capacity of 30 gallons. The pentagon shape gives it a more contemporary look than the standard barrel style waste product and the textural vertical lines on the sides of the receptacle gives it added dimension.

Push Door Waste Receptacle with Tray Holder Square Wood Safco 9729GR has a capacity of 36 gallons. This product can be used for both indoor or outdoor use but can be an ideal receptacle for outdoor eating areas. The tray holder on top ensures a neatly stacked pile, while the push door feature helps to trap in odor and keep unsightly garbage out of view.

Putty Open Top Dome Receptacles allows for hands free disposal and is constructed from fire safe steel.


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