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Purchasing in bulk: Earplugs for professional use

June 14th, 2013

While it used to be a novelty idea to purchase things in bulk, it seems that more and more people are turning to wholesale stores like Sam’s Club and Costco for all their home needs. Purchasing items in bulk can offer savings over the long run and can help to stock up on necessary items that are frequently used. The same can be said for companies looking to purchase in bulk for essentials needed for increased productivity in their employees. Just as copy paper and writing utensils are purchased in bulk for office use, earplugs can be purchased in bulk for professions that require extended lengths of time around exceedingly loud noises.
The following are some earplug products that are able to purchased in bulk:
3m 318-4001 Ear Plugs 31db corded univ pk200 2nfc4 comes with 200 in each pack and has an average retail price of around $170. The bright yellow plug offers a tapered tip and bell-like shape, while the blue cord is connected with a slightly slanted stem for ease in use.
3m E-a-r Classic Earplugs – Mmm3101001 are sold in boxes of 200 for a great bulk purchase in a classic cylinder shape without a cord. The foam is flame and moisture-resistant and offers a low-pressure foam that contours to the natural shape of the ear canal.
3m 391-1010 Ear Plugs 33db w/o Cord reg pk500 comes in a large dispenser style package that is refillable and easy to use. These orange and yellow plugs have a cordless design and features a tapered shape.
3m 312-1080 Ear Plugs 29db w/o Cord reg pk500 2nfc5 comes with 500 in each package and a cylinder design made from PVC material.
3m 391-1001 Ear Plugs 29db w/o Cord reg pk1000 3nhk9 comes in a one touch dispenser style packaging that can be great for companies with a multitude of employees partaking in ear protection.


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