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Pump up the (hair) volume with Desert Essence shampoo

July 3rd, 2013

Never underestimate the power of a great shampoo. The right one for you is out there, even if other ones haven’t exactly worked out in the past. Remember that the right formula and balance in a shampoo can change your hair for the better, and begin to add in oils and such that your hair may not be getting enough of. Take back your hair, and bring back the volume you’ve been searching for with great products from Desert Essences. Their perfect blends of flower and natural ingredients will make your hair very happy.

Desert Essence Organics Coconut Shampoo (8 Oz) helps bring life back into hair that has been over-processed, color-treated and dry strands. This shampoo with calm down stressed hair so that it’s softer, and has coconut oil that will keep the moisture in, so that your locks will stay strong and not break easily. 

Desert Essence Organics Thickening Shampoo Green Apple & Ginger (8 Oz) has many ingredients that will deeply clean, and restore your hair to former glory so that it will stay intact and hold shape every time you wash it. This shampoo will gently extract the impurities in your hair, and you’ll feel refreshed. 

Desert Essence Shampoo Fragrance Free 8 OZ will not clean your hair without any strong smells, but will also provide your dry or damaged hair with much needed oils, vitamins, and minerals that haven’t been stored properly before. Bring the bounce back into your hair with Desert Essence helping you out along the way.

DESERT ESSENCE Shea Butter Shampoo 12 OZ offers the perfect blend of ingredients to combat damages your hair may have taken over the years. If you have bad reactions to certain shampoos, this particular formula will mildy cleanse your hair and leave it silky smooth after every wash.


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