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Practice golf products to improve your game

June 7th, 2013

Golf is a sport that doesn’t always allow for players to visit the range. Whether it’s a rained out day, an overly expensive golf membership or living in an area with unseasonable temperatures for golf; it can be difficult to hone your craft. A great way to continue in this sport throughout the year or practice to get better for the range is to purchase products that will allow for use, no matter the weather.
The following are some practice products for golfers:
Forgan Standard Golf Practice Net 7′ X 9 is a way to improve your game in this large 9 foot net. It is weather resistant and made from heavy construction in the posts and nylon. It comes with a 9 by 7 net, 6 steel stakes and 2 nylon cords. The average retail price for this product is around $36.
SKLZ Quickster 8′ x 8′ Golf Net with Target is constructed of nylon, plastic and steel. It features an easy maintenance aspect due to its ability to be wiped clean. It has a length of 17.2 inches, height of 96 inches and a width of 18 inches.
SKLZ Rick Smith Smash Bag – Golf Impact Training Product is a training product to help learn the correct clubface impact for your swing. The visual target map helps to accurately gauge the accuracy of impact and the heavy duty construction allows for rigorous use.
Izzo Giant Jr. Hitting Net is made from a premium mesh netting material that is easy to set up and collapses for convenient storage. It comes with its own nylon storage case and measures with a width of 10 feet and a height of 8 feet.
Golf Hazard Putting Game & Mat is a product to help improve your putting. It features a miniature lake and sand trap feature with a slight incline towards the hole.


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