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Power up your device with long lasting batteries

June 21st, 2013

It’s frustrating to not have a way to charge your laptop, especially when you’re traveling or you have to work away from your home or office. The easy way around it of course is to always bring an adapter, so that you’ll always be ready especially when you’re on the go. Many stores carry adapters too, just in case you happen to misplace your backup.

Denaq 3.95A 19V AC Power Adapter for TOSHIBA Laptops charges most Toshiba laptops, and you won’t lose the document you were working on so easily. This adapter can be placed in a bag or carrying case without taking up too much space, and can be purchased online for $29 on average.

Denaq 19V 3.16A AC Power Adapter for GATEWAY Laptops DQ-ADP-60DH-5525 is great to keep handy if you are moving, or are jumping around all day doing errands. Feel confident that you’ll be able to charge your laptop’s battery enough so that you can do all of your work.

Denaq 3.5A 18.5V AC Power Adapter for HP Notebooks Compaq Presario Laptops only works with a certain series of HP’s, and will charge pretty quickly. If the battery doesn’t want to hold any charge, it may be time to also get a new one so that your computer doesn’t shut down.

Denaq 1.1A 18.5V AC Power Adapter for HP DeskJet Laptops work with HP deskjet’s and after the battery is charge, it will last for hours to come. You can leave the batter out of the computer if you leave the adapter in, that way your battery will last longer.

Denaq 3.34 A 65 Watts AC Power Adapter for Brand Name Laptops can be converted to work for you overseas, and your laptop will continue to charge. This adapter is universal, and will work with a number of laptops. It comes with various plug-ins so you can find the right one that fits.


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