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Would you play ‘departure roulette’?

November 27th, 2013
Play travel roulette the old fashioned way with a globe.

Play travel roulette the old fashioned way with a globe.

By Aimee Heckel 

Heineken made big waves earlier this fall when it launched a round of “departure roulette”, or unscheduled trips. The stunt dared travelers at the JFK airport in New York to push a button and travel to wherever the machine selected, instead of their planned destinations.

Intrigued by the idea of an unplanned, impromptu vacation? Ready to forfeit your adult responsibilities for a bit of adventure?

Here are some ways you can add some unpredictability to your next vacation — Heineken or not.

Play your own version of travel roulette on Kayak.com/buzzType in the name of your departure city and Kayak will offer you cheap fares to random locations for random dates around the world. Click on “explore” to see different destinations and prices, or click “spy” to see recent searches of other travelers. Even if you can’t completely let go, it’s interesting and inspiring to watch.

If you need a little more control, you can narrow your trip to a certain time period, price range or region.

Feeling really wild? Try Random.org’s Random Geographic Coordinates producer, which uses “true randomness” to select a set of coordinates in Google Maps. You might need to click it a few times for your destination to show up on land, not water — unless you’re looking for a cruise.

For example, one click and the app just brought us to a small town in Singapore. Another and we’re in Brazil, outside of Altos.

Or do it old-school style: Spin a globe and smack down your finger. Where it lands, there you go.

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