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A perfectly clean pooch is just a shampoo away

March 25th, 2013

Get your pup’s coat sparkling clean and ready for the summer with these great shampoos from Four Paws. Some of these shampoos are specifically designed to treat skin conditions or other medical issues, while others are just great shampoos for any dog’s coat. Give your dog a bath and watch your happy pet get dirty again.


Perfect Coat Medicated Shampoo (16 oz.) is a great way to fight anemia or other similar symptoms in dogs. It is infused with iron and other supplements that aid during stress and mating, also provides relief from eczema and dermatitis or other skin problems. Plus it just makes your dog smell really good. Runs about $10 online.

Get rid of those nasty fleas and ticks with this Flea & Tick Shampoo – Fresh – 16 oz. It has a great scene and a long-lasting freshness that will keep your pooch’s coat shiny and healthy. Of course it also helps to kill fleas and ticks so it does double duty. Runs $8 online.

Does your pet have a long coat? This Four Paws Magic Coat Tangle Removing Rinse – 16 oz is a great product for getting rid of tangles and matted fur, while still conditioning and softening your pet’s coat. The result will be a super soft and very pet-able pet. Runs about $6 online.

Keep your puppy’s skin and coat healthy and shiny with this Magic Coat Puppy Tearless Shampoo 16-Ounce. This tearless formula is soft on puppy’s eyes while still retaining all that great dog-cleaning power of Four Paws products. This shampoo runs about $8 online.

Magic Coat White Coat Shampoo 16-Ounce is a specially designed shampoo with pearlescent whiteners to bring out a natural shine in white coated pets. Help your white furry friend have the shiniest coat in the neighborhood with this great special shampoo. Runs about $4 online.


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