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Pastels in quilts by Pem America

June 20th, 2013

With summer approaching, many people like to change up room décor to suit the changing season. A great room to start with in changing home décor is the bedroom. While down comforters may be a great option for staying extra warm on cold winter nights, they can be cumbersome during the summer. Quilts can be a great option because it is thick enough to provide more warmth than just a simple sheet, but won’t overheat like other full comforters. Instead of just changing out one style of blanket for another, put some attention towards color choices for a fresh and summery look.
The following are some pastel tones in quilts by Pem America:
Pem America Coral French Tile Quilt is a machine washable quilt with scalloped edges. While the allover color is a light coral, the quilt offers dimension in the botanical block stitching.
Pem America Annas Ruffle Quilt Set Purple Full/Queen features horizontal stripes in differing widths. While the main color is a light lavender, there are some other pastels that offer a great option for a summery quilt.
Pem America Latte French Tile Quilt features a textural detail in the botanical block stitching and the scalloped edging is a great alternative to the same old boxy edged style. The latte color is an earth toned pastel beige reminiscent of an Easter eggshell tone.
Pem America Peach Coraline Peach Quilt Collection has a traditional look to it and features pink, sage, red and gold tones. The quilt is able to be used on both sides and is dry clean only.
Pem America Canal Blue French Tile Quilt is part of the French Tiles Collection. It is machine washable for a low maintenance quilt that is made from 100 percent natural cotton. The scalloped edges give it a little bit of detail and the canal blue color scheme is a pale blue that can promote a feeling of tranquility in the bedroom.


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