Parents save big on kids’ clothes by re-selling top brands

Parents save big on kids’ clothes by re-selling top brands

March 26th, 2013

By Jay Keller

While budget-savvy parents are finding great savings this spring at discount retailers and on bargain racks, a growing trend in kids’ clothes is helping parents not only save buy also earn back their money.thredUPkidscloset

Parents are finding cash in their kids’ closets thanks to, a self-described leader in children’s resale, and their first-ever annual re-sale report shows frugal parents how to make the most on clothing investments.

And, why not children’s clothing?  After all, consumers already consider resale value for cars and jewelry.

“Consumers no longer look at clothing as disposable,” thredUP CEO and co-founder James Reinhart said in a recent statement. “With the increasing popularity of the second-hand market, shoppers are empowered to think about clothing as an investment.”

The “re-commerce industry,” Reinhart says, is now mainstream and thredUP endeavors to be the Kelley Blue Book Resale Report of children’s clothes.

Through an analysis of customer trends, the annual report shows which brands and types of clothing best hold their value for second-hand sales.

Data shows thousands of families saving money on “upcycle clothing” with sellers earning at least $800,000 on 358,000 items resold on thredUP in 2012.

Additionally, parents saved $4 million buying used children’s clothing while 341,000 pounds of duds were recycled.

The site offers a “ closet calculator ” tool to help parents find out how much cash is in their kid’s closet.

thredUp says that the average family with two kids that have around 50 items at a given time and outgrow outfits about four times per year.

As such, parents who are “hoarders,” or storing kids’ clothes for at least three years, have an estimated $2,791 worth of clothes to resell.

“Seasonal cleaners” who de-clutter frequently could make about $900 while “purgers” have at least $200 available after each growth spurt.

thredUp also ranks the top 10 brands that best retain value over time ranked by the amount parents can recoup on their initial clothing investment.

The report also offer suggestions on when parents should skimp and splurge on certain brands when buying outerwear, formalwear, casual staples and play-clothes.

Brands like Gymboree, BabyGAP, Justice, Levis, GAP Kids and OshKosh retain the best resale value over time, according to the report.  So do kids’ clothes made by Lands’ End, Adidas, Limited Too and Rare Editions.

thredUp reminds parents that condition is key when reselling clothes and to make certain that clothing is in brand-new condition beforehand.

Wondering what styles do best in the online shop? Jeans for boys and girls do very well.

Additionally, dresses and light sweaters do well for girls while long-sleeve button-downs and warm jackets do well for boys.


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