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Outdoor toys so cool your kids will want to break from the video games

October 9th, 2013
Rocket top trampoline cover from Sears

(Let your kids’ imaginations run wild underneath a rocket top trampoline cover. Maybe they are moonwalking? Hunting aliens on Mars? Prepping for launch?)

By Brittany Anas

Ever feel like it takes a compelling and persuasive speech to pull your kids from their video games and get them outside to enjoy the playground that is the outdoors? (Hint: If your talk begins with “Back in my day…,” it probably won’t resonate). But, moms know best, right? And, we all know that games from our childhoods — we’re talking pogo sticks, trampolines and a Capture the Flag tournament — rule supreme and make for far better childhood memories than getting to level 87 in the video game du jour.

So instead of lecturing your kids about how much fun playing outside can be, why not show them?

Here are a few awesome outdoors games and toys that will impress your kids. (You’ll recognize some of these classics, too, mom and dad). You can save big on these toys when you shop at Sears and earn 7 percent Cash Back on your entire purchase.

  • Giant trampoline: Yes, mom. It’s got all the safety features — like padded poles and mesh netting enclosures. But did you know that when kids play on trampolines, they also improve their balance and coordination (as well as burn a bunch of energy and have fun)?
  • JumpPod Rocket Cover: 3-2-1 … Let your kids imaginations take off with pretend launches, moon walks and alien hunts. This trampoline cover is designed to look like a rocket top. Or, there’s a similar “tree house” cover.
  • Pogo sticks: Travel back in time with some classic toys. (Trust us, they’ll probably be brand new and unique to your kids). Sears has a classic wooden and metal pogo stick or there’s a more modern Spiderman pogo stick, too.
  • Kites: Fall is an ideal time to go fly a kite. It’s windy enough outside, but there are some balmy days that make being outside enjoyable. Make it a family event with kite-flying competitions and a picnic in the park, perhaps. (You can even subtly sneak in a lesson about physics and aerodynamics). Sears has several choices — including a spaceship kite and a nylon butterfly kite.

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