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Organize your space with these handy items

June 11th, 2013

You’re house or apartment is going to get messy even after the one hundreth time you’ve gone through with a vacuum and duster. The good news is is that there are plenty of ways to improve messes by making them organized, but also tucked away so that you can only see them when you actually need them. Here’s a few great ways to get your house clean and looking great.

Industrial Wire Shelving Unit with 5 Shelves 12″d x 72″w x 72″h can be used in different rooms all throughout the house, or even in a work environment to hold papers, knick knacks, shoes or whatever else you’d like. Each shelf leaves plenty of space for you to store items that would normally clutter, so everything can be neatly placed.

Basket 3-pc. Set with White Liners look stylish and can be used in laundry rooms, for gaming accessories, or for magazines that you don’t want on the coffee table. You can align these baskets on shelves, or you can separate them if there’s more than one are you want to tackle to organize.

Compact 4-Basket Wood Storage Shelves looks clean and matches with anything that you have in your living room or bedroom. This shelf stangs thirty one inches tall, and can hide away items you don’t want out in the open for a much straigthened up area.

White Frame Compact Wicker Basket Storage Shelf (Orange Wood) can be placed on book shelves or coffee tables. This basket can also be used to make a basket for any occasion like one to welcome someone home, a baby shower, a graduation or for many other events.

Threshold 6-Cube Horizontal Organizer – Espresso is great if you have many people in your household, and your landing near the front door is closed. Guests can also use these cubby holes to store their shoes, or store purses and wallets. It can also be painted to be used in a room as a low lying bookshelf if you want too.


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