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On land and in space, toys that inspire imagination

June 6th, 2013

There are certain characters and props that have become iconic for young and older generations alike. “Star Wars” is one of those films that has become its own phenomena, whether it’s the classic lines or the infamous characters. This is not the only space-related craze that had people running to the theaters and quoting character lines. “Star Trek” seems to have a never-ending storyline with changing characters that have made it on the small screen and the big screen. However, it’s not just space that gets all the glory when it comes to iconic characters. It seems that every superhero has their own special prop that becomes an item people like to focus in on, whether it’s Superman’s cape and kryptonite or Batman’s Batmobile. Inspire some imagination by indulging in some of these space and land iconic props and characters, whether it’s for yourself or someone younger.
The following are some imagination inspiring items in space and on land:
Captain Kirk Art Asylum is from the original classic series and features Captain James T. Kirk in true form. This action figure toy can be a great collectible item and a reminder that Captain Kirk didn’t always look like Chris Pine.
Batman ATV Exclusive – Imaginext Batman Vehicle Set is geared for ages 3 to 8 years old. The vehicle set comes with a Batman and Robin figurine so your child can play with it right away. The back of the vehicle has its own jailed cage to make sure bad guys are put in their rightful place.
Star Wars Gentle Giant Dengar Mini-Bust stands at around 8 ¾ inches tall due to his weapon. This is the Dengar character bust holding a long range rifle.
Star Wars Medicom Real Action Heroes Deluxe 12 Inch Collectible Figure Episode III Darth Vader features Darth Vader with a removable three piece mask.
Star Wars Mighty Beanz Darth Vader Tin by Spin Master is a display and store product for use in collaboration with Beanz products.


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