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Office products worth looking into: Pencil refills and labels

May 28th, 2013

When it comes to fully stocking a functional office space, it can be a daunting task. Whether it’s a full capacity professional office or just a small workspace for home use, there is a myriad of things to look into. Furniture, computer equipment and storage options are the items that get the most attention. However, once the big budget items are out of the way, there are some office supply items that are worth putting some extra effort into. Not only will they increase productivity but they will help to save on ever-growing office costs further down the line.
The following are some overlooked office products that are worth considering:
Self-Adhesive Address Labels for Label Printers 1 1/8 x 3 ½ Assorted comes with 520 in each box. This is a continuous label product meant to be used with Seiko label printing devices. The easy to use perforations allow it to be highly functional and a great cost saving office product for creating custom address labels whether it’s for the recipient or for the company address.
Seiko SmartLabel SLP-FLR File Folder Label is meant to be used with Seiko Label Printers. Each label has a color-coding aspect to allow for easy organization and can be a great way to easily find files and folders, which can be a great alternative to the simple handwritten method.
Seiko SLP-TRL Tuffy Address Label comes with 130 labels per roll, with 2 rolls per box. It is meant to be used in collaboration with Seiko Label Printer models EZ30, SLP100, SLP120, SLP220, SLP240, SLP410, SLP420, SLP430, SLP440, SLP450, SLP620, SLP650 and SLP650SE.
Mont Blanc Legrand Pencil Eraser Refill is meant to be used with Meisterstuck Classique, Solitaire, Generation, Noblesse Oblige and StarWalker Mechanical Pencils.
Mont Blanc 0.5 mm Lead can be used with most 0.55 mm lead mechanical pencils but is designed specifically to be used with Meisterstuck Classique and Solitaire Mechanical Pencils.


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