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Not just your ordinary stapler: Mini, antimicrobial and ergonomic

May 30th, 2013

Stapling products don’t seem to get the same attention that is given to other office supplies. While computer mouse products get the fancy ergonomic designs and wireless function, fountain pens offer a bit of nostalgic appeal and tablets offer advanced technology; staplers often are outshined by their office counterparts. However, many stapling products offer just as much function and come in a wide array of styles that have more than just the run-of-the-mill features that traditional stapling products are known for.
The following are some stapling products with some added features:
Bostitch Deluxe Hand Stapler has an all-metal construction with a rubber top cap set in black. The rubber offers a more comfortable feel in the grip, while the steel construction allows for a durable product that ensures longevity in use.
Stanley Bostitch Full Strip B8 Staples ¼ Inch Leg Length STCRP211514 come with 5,000 in each box. These staples feature a chisel pointed tip that boasts being able to staple 50 percent more paper than the standard staple.
Stanley Bostitch 48 Case Pack Lightweight Plier Stapler BOSP3CHROME has a unique look about it due to its plier-like design. It has the ability to staple 25 sheets with each singular staple punch for a high quality stapler worthy of professional use.
Bostitch 100CSP Mini Standard Stapler has an ultra compact size, which makes it a great product for use in offices with limited space and storage. This can also be used as a stapler during times of mobility and the color choices offer a great pop of personality.
Stanley Bostitch Antimicrobial Executive Stapler in Blue features an antimicrobial agent that prevents bacteria growth on the surface of the product. This can be a much sought after attribute due to the frequent use of staplers in an office setting. Whether it’s to protect yourself from spreading germs to your fellow coworkers or just trying to keep a healthier office space, this is a stapler featuring high durability and function.


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