North West! Kim Kardashian, Kanye reveal their baby's name. Seriously.

North West! Kim Kardashian, Kanye reveal their baby’s name. Seriously.

June 21st, 2013
Kim Kardashian named her baby ... wait for it ... North West. (Twitter)

Kim Kardashian named her baby … wait for it … North West. (Twitter)

By Natalie Marusin

Just when we thought celebrity baby names couldn’t get any worse (hello, Apple, Dweezle, Jermajesty, Kal-El, Blue Ivy), Hollywood strikes again. That’s right, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby girl’s name has been revealed. And the little girl’s name is … wait for it …. North. As in North West. What?

Although the couple has yet to officially confirm the name (and Kim previously denied the rumors of a direction-related name for her baby on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), media reports say it’s a done deal (and the girl will be nicknamed Nori). Naturally, the Twitterverse is already buzzing with jokes about the name — here are 10 we can’t stop laughing at.

  • “Make fun of Kim kardashian’s name choice for North West if you want, but that baby is going straight to the top. And slightly to the left.” — @neversh0utemma
  • “I’ve got 99 problems but at least my name isn’t North West.” — @collegestudent
  • “Meantime in a chatroom far far away, Apple, Moses, MoonUnit, Shiloh, Sage Moonblood & Pilot Inspector are like, totes rejoicing. #NorthWest” — @Lisa_Wilkinson
  • “Kim and Kanye named their child North West” that kid’s life is going south” –
  • “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter has reportedly been named ‘North West’. It’s better than their first choice, Wild.” — @Mr_Mike_Clarke
  • “Kanye’s kid is gonna have a hard time understanding GPS Directions. GPS: “Turn North West.” North West: “Yeah, but which way do I turn?” — @NorrisCole_Not
  • “Kim and Kanye name their daughter North West marking the last time her parents give her any direction.” — @BillDixonish
  • “Is there a middle name?” -Everyone, now that we’ve exhausted all the North West jokes.” — @ComedyCentral
  • “You may laugh at my name, but i laugh at your bank balance” — @Its_North_West
  • “Kanye and Kim naming their daughter North West is like Brad and Angelina naming their child Arm Pitt” — @TylerGildin

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