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Walking on Travels proves traveling with kids can be fun

March 26th, 2013


We came across Keryn Means from Walking on Travels as we were searching how to stay sane while traveling with kids. And thank goodness we did! Keryn’s insight and perception made us realize that wanderlust can stay intact when kids enter the picture. The only thing that will change? The luggage requirements. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the always-adventurous Keryn Means…

Where I’m based: Seattle, WA

How long I’ve been blogging:  2+ years

Blog basics: Walking on Travels is the site that gives hope to today’s modern parent who doesn’t want to stop their lives; they simply bring their kids along for the ride. We engage new parent travelers and multi-child families who don’t want to let fear hold them back from taking the trip of their dreams. Through tips, itineraries, inspiration, and reviews, we give families the tools they need to take those first steps out the door and walk towards a life of adventure through travel.

Other blogs I love: There are so many incredible blogs out there, and all are worth a mention, but here are a few of my favorites that I check out regularly. TripStyler.com, TravelMindset.com, SuitcasesAndSippyCups.com, GoneWithTheFamily.com, Wired2theWorld.com, MotherofallTrips.com, FlashpackerFamily.com, ThisisMyHappiness.com, and ArrowsSentForth.com.

My guilty pleasure: Anything that combines mint and chocolate makes my knees weak. I’m also a sucker for salted caramel chocolates. Yum!!

Last thing I bought: Longhorn Steer stuffed animals for my kids while I was checking out Fort Worth, Texas. Before that I bought guidebooks for England, Scotland, and Ireland. I like to have books to dream with at night for our upcoming trips, and then I supplement with travel sites, travel blogs, maps, and the library. I just can’t get books out of my blood!

The craziest travel adventure I’ve had was: Everyone’s idea of crazy is different. Some would thinking walking from Villa D’ Este (on top of a hill in Italy) down to Hadrian’s Villa along a narrow road with no sidewalk, loads of pricker bushes, and a bus that would have been much more pleasant was crazy. Yes, my husband and I did that on our honeymoon. Others would think taking a 20-month old on a business trip to China by myself was insane. And it was, but also one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We had been to China before as a family, but never taken my son on a trip by myself. We were gone two weeks and then met my husband in Japan for a little R&R on our way home. It was just the start of a lot of “mama with the boys” adventures.

Best advice for traveling with kids: My best advice to parents is that you always need to pack less than you think. Kids don’t need a suitcase filled with toys; the place you are going will have fun events, activities, monuments, and even a toy store if you get desperate. My sons have had more fun with the rocks and sticks they find along the way than they do with a bedroom filled with toys at home. You can buy diapers, wipes, baby food, and even formula in most countries, saving yourself the suitcase space and weight when you go out of town. And even if you have a potty training kid on your hands, you still don’t need new clothes for every day that you will be gone plus 5-10 spare outfits. You can do laundry at your location, or just wash a few things in the hotel tub. Lastly, know that whatever plans you make may get thrown out the window once you are there and that is OK. Travel with kids is very different from solo or couples travel. Be flexible and go with the changes; they may bring you on an adventure you never thought possible.

Where are you going next and what do you plan to do: We just got back from Loreto, Mexico on the Baja Peninsula. Next we are headed up into British Columbia to check out Vancouver and Silver Star ski resort before the season ends. My toddler will be starting ski school, I’ll be getting back on my snowboard after a 2 year hiatus due to being pregnant with my 2nd son, and a sprained shoulder before that. Loads of food, tubing, sledding, ice-skating, and other snow fun will be involved I’m sure.


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