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Mattel Batman themed products: Brave and the Bold, Legacy and Justice League

June 17th, 2013

With a new generation of kids taking on the enthusiasm of Batman as their favorite superhero, it can be surprising that so many of them started their love of the caped crusader through the popular Dark Knight series films. Batman aficionados understand that this character has origins that stem much farther back than just this recent stint in blockbuster hit films. Whether you’re trying to educate your child on the many faces of Batman or just adding to your collection, Mattel has a number of different Batman themed products to choose from.
The following are some Batman themed products offered by Mattel:
Batman Brave and the Bold Figure is an action figure based on The Brave and the Bold popular animated television series based on the infamous Batman character. This product is dressed in a boldly colored blue costume with matching cape.
DC Batman Brave and the Bold Action League Mini Figure 2-Pack Batman Vs. Ocean Master is a product that comes with two separate figurines. The Batman character is in a blue themed costume and fights against the Ocean Master character for a great low cost combo toy pack.
DC Universe Batman Legacy Edition First Appearance Action Figure is based off of the Legacy storyline in the Batman comic book series. Batman has high definition features and wears a grey and black costume with life-like cape.
DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection Action Figure Batman Black is a collectible action figure intended for children ages 4 and up. This product is part of the Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection.
Batman: Brave And The Bold Deluxe Power Prop Aquaman Action Figure is an action figure product featuring the Aquaman character from the popular animated television series, The Brave and the Bold, based on the Batman character from the comic book series.


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