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Make your sandbox the main backyard attraction for the kids with Sandlock products

June 23rd, 2013

It seems that backyard playground sets get all the attention when thinking of how to fill up a backyard for play items for the kids. However, sandboxes can be much more than just a box full of sand. Kids will love digging for their beach toys, playing around making castles and just having an alternative to the same old swing set.
The following are some great sandbox products offered by SandLock:
SandLock 8 x 8 Sandbox Cover – Mesh is a sandbox cover product that protects sand from dirt and moisture from mixing in with the sand. It completely shields the entire box and can be a great way to make your sandbox last much longer. The shock cord feature is sewn into the inside of the corners of the sandbox and ensures a snug fit to keep debris out.
SandLock SLA-04BS Bench Seat has an easy to install interlocking construction feature that doesn’t require any tools in assembly. It is constructed from HDPE plastic that provides durability in a seating product that is completely safe for children’s use.
SandLock SLA-04CST Locking Casters – 4 pk is a set of 4 casters that can be used on any SandLock table. The locking feature ensures it stays put in the desired area and is made from plastic with a urathan tread.
SandLock SLB-9696 8 x 8 ft. Sandbox is made from commercial grade plastic and can hold up to 2,500 pounds of sand. The four corner seats are a great feature for keeping them on a sturdy an clean service while playing and the 8 interlocking panels won’t chip or splinter for an ultra safe play area for the kids.
SandLock Umbrella is a product that helps to block out the sun while your kids are playing in the sand. It will create a sufficient amount of shade while staying out of the way during backyard play.


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