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Make your hair shine with great shampoo options

July 6th, 2013

Clear build-up, avoid breakage, and remove impurities with the right types of shampoo. It’s always best to look at all your options when you are searching for the right shampoo for you, rather than sticking to one brand in particular that could actually be causing more harm than good. The wrong shampoo can dry out already dry strands, or can add to the oil build-up that your hair does naturally. Get into the shampoo groove with the right formulas or brands that will help your hair grow and be strong.

2 Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Detoxifying Shampoo 10 Oz is perfect to push out any impurities in your hair and your scalp. this pumpkin shampoo cleanses deeply, leaving your hair feeling smooth and damage-free. Antioxidants in the ingredients help to revitalize and revive tired strands that look dull, or are breaking easily. You can purchase a bottle of this shampoo online for $15  through various online retail sites.

MICHAEL JORDAN by Michael Jordan THICKENING SHAMPOO 10 OZ for MEN promotes healthier hair fast that also has more body to it. This shampoo which is specifically for men is great for those who suffer from strands that are breaking easier, and are disappearing. With a great blend of cedar, sandalwood and green tea, you’ll feel how clean your scalp can get. You can purchase a bottle of this product online for $12 on average.

Rusk Sensories Calm Guarana & Ginger Nourishing Shampoo 13.5 oz is perfect to calm down stressed hair that has been under a lot of pressure from using heating tools or a lot of products to style. The blend of guarana and ginger helps to exfoliate and eliminate harsh impurities that come from exposure to the elements.

Selsun Blue Dandruff Shampoo Medicated 7 oz is one of the best acting dandruff fighters that are out on the market. Use this shampoo that works harder to remove flakes and restore your scalp to its original health.


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