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Make your backyard more fun than the local park with Swing-N-Slide products for the kids

June 23rd, 2013

While it can be ideal to bring your kids to the park whenever they need a bit of fresh air and room to run off all of their energy, it isn’t always possible to do. Whether it’s household chores building up, not enough time between school and activities or just unwillingness to have to drive to the park all the time; it seems like a much better alternative to provide some fun in your backyard. Backyard playsets can be a great way to let your kids enjoy the outdoors without having to leave home.
The following are some playset products for backyard fun:
Swing-N-Slide Discovery Mountain Climbing Unit has an average retail price around $150. This is a mountain climbing unit product that has natural looking molded ridges rather than hard pegs and brightly colored blocks. Your kids will feel like they are really scaling a mountain when they get to the top.
Swing-N-Slide Kodiak Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set Kit has an average retail price of around $200. This is meant to be used for children at least 3 years of age and includes all the brackets, ties and fixtures you will need to start off the Kodiak Custom Play Set.
Swing-n-Slide Project 150 Pioneer Playground is a swing set product that increased 2 belted swing seats, iron man rings, 6 swing hangers, 6 EZ frame brackets, hardware kit and full assembly instructions. However, the lumber is not included in this playground set and must be purchased separately.
Swing-N-Slide Side Winder Slide – Forest Green is a one-turn winding slide set in a deep forest green tone. It mounts easily to a 3 foot by 6 inch to a 5 foot by 6 inch platform. The actual mounting lumber piece is sold separately. This is only the slide product.
Swing-N-Slide Cars Accessory Pack includes a drive panel, race car steering wheel, chalkboard with checkered flag design, decals, mounting hardware and assembly instructions. This accessory pack product can be attached to any wooden play set but can also be attached to a homemade tree fort or deck area to create an instant imagination zone for your little guy without having to purchase a huge playset product.


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