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Luxurious chandelier options by Schonbek

March 5th, 2013

Schonbek is a company that has specialized in crystal lighting since its founding in 1870 by Adolf Schonbek. However, the partnership between Schonbek and Swarovski Company in 2007 has given the company a shared 255 years of tradition and creativity between them. Utilizing this high quality company in choosing your home chandelier can help add luxury and design into any space.
Schonbek Products

The following are 5 options offered through Schonbek for a luxurious chandelier:
Schonbek 3608-40S Silver Sterling Crystal 15 Light Up Lighting Chandelier has a silver and crystal finish with 120 voltage. The bulb type is incandescent with 110 watts. It features hand-formed crystal arms and expertly cut crystals. It comes with 40 chains and 149 wires.

Schonbek Imperial 9 Lights Chandelier 1346 is perfect for a foyer with an impressive length of 5 feet. It features hand cut crystals with necklace chains surrounding the basket and underbelly of the main structure. Swarovski crystals drape the silver finish and make for a glamorous look.

Schonbek Genesis 6 Light Chandelier 9876 has cabochons of vintage crystal. It is made to order and is a truly unique and custom look. While other chandeliers focus and shine and luster to create a blinged out look, this chandelier mixes light and color to enhance the beautifully constructed frame.

Schonbek Hamilton Silver 8 Light Chandelier has clear hand cut crystals with a 60 watt candelabra and incandescent bulbs. Large crystals hang like pendants along the arms of the chandelier while the center of the structure hangs a bold and intricate crystal cluster in the middle as the main focal point.

Schonbek Fairfax 10 lights Chandelier – 5033 is from the Fairfax Collection and is reminiscent of a piece befitting an eighteenth century estate. The original design contains linear crystal pieces rather than circular and teardrop pendants usually found in a chandelier. The overall look is filled with shine and decorative design.


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