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Look your best with hats like these

June 24th, 2013

Find the right look that you want with a hat that’s right for your personality. Whether you are looking for that new cap for game outings, or if you want something you saw a friend wear the other day that you have to get for yourself. There are plenty of hats to choose from, and you’ll find some that are high quality and will last you for years of wear.


Mitchell & Ness Los Angeles Lakers Tri-Pop Snapback Hat shows your love for the Lakers, with this colorful and adjustable cap that fits all sizes. Take this out when you’re at the game, or if you want to represent your team just for fun. You can pick one of these caps up on various online websites for $24. 

Bailey Redwood Genuine Panama Fedora Hat is decorated with a two-toned straw weave that looks unique from other Panama hats on the market. A matching band encircles the outside of the hat, and made from a material that will not damage easily. 

Betmar Simone Cloche Hat (For Women)  SKY BLUE can be worn to birthday parties, afternoon tea, or anytime in the summer when the weather is just right. Take this hat with you to the beach to keep the sun off of your face, all while looking stylish and flirty. 

Borsalino Casual Crusher Hat – The Borsalino Marco is imported from Italy, and looks fantastic. This crusher hat is comfortable, and won’t cause any discomfort when you wear it, so it can be used all day no matter what the weather is like. You can purchase this hat online on various online retail sites for $247.

Borsalino Laredo Fur Felt Hat has a lining that is satin, so it will keep your head a little bit cooler than other linings will. This hat has a better appeal for the summer time, and is made to last, so if you happen to sent something on top of it, it won’t be ruined.  


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