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Line 6 Guitar Amps and Accessories

May 27th, 2013

Line 6 is an innovative brand of products for the music industry such as guitars and amplifiers. The firm produced the first adaptive guitar amp in the world and their products are enjoyed by the biggest musicians in the industry including The Edge from U2 and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. These amps and support products from the brand show their great style, decent prices and advanced technology:

Line 6 DT50-112 Guitar Combo Amp is the first adaptive guitar amp in the world with its interactive analog and digital components. The features include several channels, loops and a footswitch jack. $1,300 is the average online retail price for this item.

Line 6 DT50-212 Guitar Combo Amp is a beautiful vintage-style model with a high quality leather handle at the top. This model is an adaptive guitar amp – Line 6 created the first in the world. The digital and analog parts respond to one another to bring the best of both worlds to its functioning. This product may be purchased for about $1,500 retail online.

Line 6 DT50-412 Guitar Speaker Cabinet, 4×12 Inch is a great-looking cabinet model with a great reproduction of sound with strong depth. This is a great value deal at this price point. This item is typically sold for $800 at retailers.

Line 6 DT50H Guitar Amplifier Head has a two-channel interface and switchable analog parts. It has a great retro look topped with a sturdy and elegant leather handle and it’s compact and portable. The average online retail price for this product is $1,200.

Line 6 Echo Park Guitar Effects Pedal Bundle is a great sound set that includes an effects pedal, a pick card, patch cables and a long instrument cable. $155 is the average retail price for this product.



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