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Leak-proof SIGG water bottles for kids a stylish way to stay hydrated

May 16th, 2013

Sigg Wild Scouts  135 ozMaking sure your children drink enough water has never been easier with leak-proof SIGG water bottles. Established in 1908 in Switzerland, the brand offers a line of durable and aesthetically-pleasing water bottles and commuter mugs, as well as accessories that include grips for kids, cleaning tablets and pouches for water bottles. To find the right product for you, check out the following selection from SIGG.

Sigg Wild Scouts – 13.5 oz is a secure water bottle that won’t leak. Made from aluminum, the water bottle has a whimsical design that features trees and assorted forest animals. The water bottle also has a mouth spout that is covered by a flip cap, ensuring the bottle won’t leak inside your child’s lunchbox.

Sigg White Shark in the Dark – 13.5 oz has a cartoon drawing of a shark in an underwater setting. The water bottle is secured with its mouth spout and flip-top lid. This water bottle holds just the right amount of liquid for a child, too.

Sigg Traveler Classic Water Bottle (1.0Liters, Aluminum) can hold about 33 ounces of liquid, giving your child plenty of water in one sitting. The bottle features a screw-top lid with an opening on top, making it easy to attach the bottle to a backpack.

Sigg Tiger – 13.5 oz features a light green background with a tiger prominently displayed. The bottle is entirely recyclable and makes it easy to stay hydrated while on the go. The bottle has a screw-top lid and a mouth spout.

Sigg Primeval Glow – 13.5 oz will shed a little light on your child’s water bottle. The dinosaur skeleton glows against the black background, giving the water bottle a unique and eye-catching appearance. The bottle is also resilient, making it the perfect choice for clumsy and uncoordinated hands. It’s also the perfect size for packing in a lunchbox, backpack or purse.


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