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Kitty litter products: Cedar and clay

July 1st, 2013

Kitty litter products come in various forms and can be very much up to the owner in terms of preference. While some prefer crystal kitty litter, others prefer a more lightweight or natural component in their kitty litter. Knowing your options can be a great way in finding the right type that can suit your cat and household best.
The following are some kitty litter products that have a formula featuring clay and cedar in its ingredients:
Harvest Ventures Better Way Cedar Cat Litter is an environmentally-friendly product made from a multidimensional formula of clay and cedar chips. This allows for a natural odor-control feature with an aromatic property that can only be detected by cats. The average retail price for this product is around $20 for a 14 pound bag.
Fresh Step Clay Cat Litter has an average retail price of around $16 for a 21 pound bag. The clay formula has a paw-activated freshening property and odor neutralizers between litter box uses. The formula actually prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria and can be used with as little as 2 to 3 inches of depth in a shallow litter box pan.
Fresh Step Premium Clay Cat Litter, 14 lbs has a carbon odor eliminating property and a clay formula that can be used sparingly with the same results as other kitty litter products that require a much deeper depth in a standard kitty litter box pan. The clay formula absorbs ammonia odors and has paw-activated fresheners. The average retail price for a 14 pound box is around $6.
Fresh Step Regular Clay Cat Litter (35 lbs) 2030 has an average retail price of around $28 for a 35 pound bag. It features paw-activated fresheners for optimum odor-control and an ultra light design that absorbs moisture upon contact.


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