Kids tell their story with these mobile apps |

Kids tell their story with these mobile apps

October 30th, 2013

ToontasticBy Phil Hornshaw

Apple’s iOS devices, the iPhone and iPad, are great tools for kids to learn on and express themselves creatively. There are apps that help with learning, with which kids can play music, and that can be great for studying for school and creating art. And there’s a whole subset of creativity apps that can help kids make their own stories.

We’ve run down a few great apps for kids who like to tell stories, each with its own set of tools and capabilities. Just keep in mind that to use them, you’ll need to have a prerequisite iPad or iPhone, which can drive up their costs.

Toon Town

One cool way for kids to tell stories is by creating their own cartoons. That’s what’s on offer with “Toontastic” (iPad, free or $19.99 versions). The app is filled with characters and sets, providing kids the tools they need to create and record stories, and also supports the ability to record sounds and dialog as well. The app also allows users to draw some of their own characters and objects, and the app includes scaffolding tools that help teach kids how stories are structured.

“Story Patch” ($1.99, iPad) is another app that makes it quick and easy for kids to create stories with illustrations. It packs more than 800 illustrations for creators to use in telling stories, but takes a more storybook-like approach, encouraging kids to make pages with text, characters and backgrounds. Illustrations can be altered along the way, as can pages and colors, and all of it can be saved and shared as a PDF.

For younger kids, there’s “This Is My Story” (iPhone and iPad, $1.99). Aimed at preschoolers, it lets kids create their own stories as a means of teaching them to read. Kids create pages in which they add stickers from a predetermined list – resulting more in simple sentences, such as “The cow laughed with the mouse.” It also has sections that encourage kids to match the elements necessary to recreate the story, or that let them just read along with a story, as well.

Book binder

Skewing a bit older is “Story Kit” (Free), which allows users to write their own stories page by page, by adding text, drawing or adding illustrations, and recording sounds or narration. Page can be added, removed and reordered from the app’s menu, and completed books can be shared easily over the Internet with the help of “Story Kit’s” servers. The app also includes the ability to re-write classic stories, like The Three Little Pigs, and change them.

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