Get your kids outside with the nation's biggest game of hide and seek I

Get your kids outside: the nation’s biggest game of hide and seek

August 26th, 2013

Nature's Playground book

By Aimee Heckel

Call it the biggest game of hide and seek — ever.

The National Wildlife Federation is organizing a massive game of Hide and Seek, spanning 11 cities around the nation.

The effort, an organized hike and scavenger hunt, kicks off Sept. 28. Find it in cities around the country, from Chicago to Los Angeles to Baltimore. Check the website for more locations and to buy tickets.

The goal: to get kids and their families outside. To help inspire children’s sense of adventure. To explore nature, go on a hike and discover something new.

Kids spend twice as much time indoors than their parents did, the federation says. And the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends an hour of playtime outside every day.

Participants of the massive Hide and Seek game will go on a short hike, play games, do nature-inspired crafts, check out wildlife displays, learn more about nature at stations along the trail, chat with rangers and more.

Can’t make it to the big game? Here are some other easy ways to get your kids outside and excited about nature this fall.

1. Plant your pumpkin seeds after you carve pumpkins this Halloween. Water them throughout the year and by next Halloween, your kids will be amazed that they grew their own pumpkins. This will save you money, too. Those pumpkins can be pricey.

2. Pick up a “Nature’s Playground” book, $12.09, at Barnes & Noble. This book is full of activities, crafts, and games to encourage kids to get outdoors. Make twig boats to race. Explore insects in the backyard. Save money on your Barnes & Noble purchase by using an online coupon. Plus get 4 percent Cash Back when you buy through

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3. Collect leaves and make crafts with them. Paint them or color on them with Crayons. Glue them to paper to make pictures or cards. Press them into books or between two pieces of wax paper for a homemade sun catcher. Glue grass, twigs and small pebbles onto them and turn them into little people. We make snowmen in the winter — why not leafmen in the fall?

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