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Kick back and relax with these comfy Footsmart slippers

June 21st, 2013

No matter what time of the year it is, it’s always nice to have a pair of “indoor shoes” that you can use, especially if you have hardwood flooring in your home. Footsmart provides so many fun and interesting differenet products for their customer, that it might be hard to just pick one for yourself. Take a look here and see the selections you have, and whether you’re going to go on a little shopping spree.

Deer Stags Women’s Whenever Slipper with a fleece collar around the rim of the shoe, and a lightly dusted fabric color, this warm and comfortable pair of slippers will do just the trick on the days that you want to relax. The durable bottoms won’t crack or break easily, so that you can use them for a long time after you get them.

Deer Stags Slipperooz Crimson Women’s Mutsy Slippers come in a delightful red color and will caress your feet as soon as you slip them into the interior of the slipper. This little slipper booty is perfect for an off day, or in the morning while you make breakfast before work.

Deer Stags Slipperooz Brown Women’s Sleigh Ride Slippers keeps your feet warm, and comfy. These slippers are made to not only keep you comfortable, but to also support the bottoms of your feet, especially the arches. You can pick up a pair of sleigh ride slippers online for $40 on many online retail websites.

Deer Stags Slipperooz Sand Women’s Whenever Slippers has a great look and speaks truths about wearing them “whenever” you want. These slippers are made well, so that no matter how rough you are on them, they won’t fall apart.

Deer Stags Sleigh Ride Women’s Slippers – Crimson are slip-ons that are easy to pull on and off, especially if you are in a hurry to be somewhere. A faux-fur lining looks stylish and trendy, and comes in various sizes so you can buy one for yourself and maybe someone else.


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