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Keep your house neat and tidy with these easy to use “tools”

June 11th, 2013

It’s amazing just how many things are out on the market to either make life easier, or to prevent all of us from becoming scary pack-rat, hording type people. Having extra storage is a great thing to have, and comes in handy when you don’t want to leave anything lying on the ground, or haphazardly in a drawer. These items won’t necessarily make you fear that you have too much, but might make it easier to store what you do already have in the home.

Natural Environment Basket in Natural Tan (Set of 10) can fit clothes, shoes and other accessories neatly so that you won’t have to search very long to find them. The smart woven wood design blends well with modern or rustic looks, but can also be stored away so no one has to see its contents.

Beverage-Air BB94-1-B Refrig. Backbar Storage Cabinet 3 Sec.
is ideal to set in a garage and used to store food, and other items during a summer barbecue, or during the winter for extra food you can’t fit into your freezer. This refrigerator is sectioned into three so that you can store items by categories.

Coleman, Propane Hard-Shell Lantern Carry Case, R5178a100, Black can hold halloween or Christmas items, or tools, but is mainly to be used with Coleman propane tanks to protect them from all weather environments and so that small children don’t play with it.

Guidecraft g85706 classic storage stepup kids step stool, white is a great way to help kids step up to the sink when it’s time to brush their teeth or wash their face, and can also hold their extra soap, toothpaste and the like, without having your counters accumulating clutter .

Creative Home Chrome Works Folding Dish Rack fits neatly into shelves, and can hold quite a few dishes and other valuables that won’t make a trip in the dishwasher. This design doesn’t take up a lot of space on the counter either, so other items can be stored without running into trouble.


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