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Keep clothes wrinkle-free with these garment bags

June 18th, 2013

When you don’t have an ironing board near you, wrinkles in your clothes seems to be the worst thing possible. If you have an important interview or meeting to get to, it can also cost you points on presentation, so Wallybags created a line of durable bags to carry all of your clothing without the worry. Check out a few of those models, and pick which one you like!

WallyBags Black 52″ Dress Length Garment Bag with Extra Capacity will not only hold a dress or two, but has extra room for other clothing, if you feel like you want to also pack casual clothes in it as well. Having one bag with the more important pieces of clothing makes it easy for you so you won’t have to go back through layers that are left in suitcase.

WallyBags 52-in. Tri-Fold GarmenTote is made from strong and sleek material that doesn’t look bulky, and won’t add a lot of space to what’s already limited to you on your plane. The bag opens and closes in on itself three times, like a tri-fold wallet to keep clothes protected from getting dirty or wet.

Wally Bags 52″ Garment Bag with Shoulder Strap 1820 Color: Khaki is a little different spin that the typical black and grey color that many WallyBags are. You can carry this bag on your shoulder, and keep with you as you board a flight. You can also leave it in an overhead compartment, and your clothes will still be protected against any wrinkles.

WallyBags 45-Inch Slim Port Garment Bag doesn’t take up a lot of space, and can be slid under your seat without disrupting anyone else’s area. You can also use a bag like this if you are in a hurry all day, and don’t want to dump all your clothes in the car. 

WallyBags 52-Inch Olive Shoulder Strap Garment Bag has a different hue, which will be easy for you to identify if you accidently leave it somewhere. This bag also comes with an adjustable strap to make carrying it easier.


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