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Keep a variety of reliable tape at your home by Scotch

June 18th, 2013

No matter the size of your project, Scotch has got you covered. Each type of tape is great for something, and it has its own strength to hold together items for a long time, until the adhesive wears off, or is pulled of. Scotch tapes don’t damage or ruin the product that you place it on, so take a look at a few that you might want to add to your storage or what some call their “drawer of random” where they put essential and quick fix tools.

Bussman 1.5” X 5 Yards Yellow Scotch Duct Tape 1005-YLW-1P (Set of 6) can be taped at edges of walls when painting so that you don’t paint the ceiling or the floor. Whether you just moved, or you are trying to reinvent your home, this yellow tape stands out and will help you solve an easy problem fast. 

Scotch Multi Use 1.88″ By 60 Yard Duct Tape tears easily, and is easy to apply to items that need a bit of a fix. Though it’s not clear, you can paint over the tape if it doesn’t match with the surface you’re putting it on, so that no one can notice.

Scotch Multi-Use Duct Tape, 1-7/8-inch x 30-yards lasts for a while, and is ideal to purchase for the home, for school or an office, depending on where you are the most. This duct tape will hold items for a short period of time, until it can be fixed with something else. 

3m 1.5in. X 5 Yards Black Scotch Duct Tape 1005-BLK-1P – Pack of 6 is convenient, and will last a while because of how many come in a pack. You can use this tape for moving boxes, boxes in storage, any small damages to cars-such as a broken rear view mirror- or to even hang up small pictures. 

Bussman 1.5” X 5 Yards Gray Scotch Duct Tape 1005-GRY-1P (Set of 6) can be purchased for $44, and holds fairly well, though it is not waterproof. Use it for indoor or outdoor quick fixes, or even for school projects that you put together.


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