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Keen women’s go-to shoes for differing weather conditions

June 16th, 2013

When it comes to women’s footwear, it can be difficult to come up with differing shoe options for everyday situations. Shoes can be an integral part to the overall look of any ensemble and can easily be the best accessory to make an outfit. However, not all days are about making a fashion statement with your feet. Whether it’s just running errands or getting the kids to school, sometimes it’s nice to have a go-to pair of shoes that can serve all intended purposes. Take advantage of some of the women’s footwear products offered by Keen and ensure you always have a pair ready for on-the-go without having to over think it.
The following are some women’s go-to shoes for differing weather conditions:
Keen Women’s Howser Shoe Gargoyle 8.5 is made from water resistant nylon and can be a great slip-on shoe in the winter. The microfleece lining is ultra comfortable and the non-marking natural rubber outsole provides great traction in the winter.
Keen Women’s Bailey Slip-Ons Gargoyle / Whisper White 7.5 has a waterproof nubuck leaher upper and a waterproof membrane that is ultra breathable. The insulation and thermal heat shield footbed offer warmth, even on those cold winter days. The leather offers an abrasion-resistant property and the slip-on design is great for everyday use.
Keen Women’s Toyah Shoe Gargoyle 5 wears like a general athletic shoe and offers a simplistic look in the grey tone. However, with a cushioned midsole and high traction outsole, this is an ultra functional go-to shoe whether you’re walking a trail or just running errands around town.
Keen Haven CNX Cross-Training Shoes – Women’s Gargoyle / Bright Chartreus Size 11 has a non-marking rubber outsole for added grip and traction. It has a breathable mesh and moisture wicking technology to make for a highly functional shoe that can be used for anything that might come your way.
Keen Coronado Shoes – Recycled Materials (For Women) AZURE BLUE/GARGOYLE has a casual look in this canvas shoe and the bright blue tone can add a pop of color to your regular outfit.


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