Katie Vale: A soon-to-be mom with plenty of style

Katie Vale: A soon-to-be mom with plenty of style

June 18th, 2013

Katie ValeKatie Vale is the woman behind For Lauren & Lauren, a blog dedicated to sharing the best of life’s adventures and the outfits that go with them. Currently, Katie is about to venture into one of life’s greatest journeys: motherhood. From stories of maternity clothes to sharing the sweetest letters to her baby girl, Katie makes this adventure look beautifully loving. Meet Katie …

Where I’m based: The suburbs of Chicago

How long I’ve been blogging:  About a year and a half

Blog/business basics: I originally started my blog with the idea of sharing outfits and the good deals I found them for, with the occasional story about something in my life. However, my blog has definitely turned out to be more about my life. Including projects I’ve done, recipes I’ve made, stories and lessons I’ve learned, along with sharing my outfits.

Other blogs I love: I read so many blogs that I really have a hard time picking my favorites! Blogging has become such a blessing, I’ve made so many friends through the blog world.

Guilty pleasure: I am sucker for most reality TV shows and teen dramas, like One Tree Hill, 90210 and Survivor. I also have a huge sweet tooth and would rather eat desserts and sweets over any meal.

Last thing I bought: A pair of sandals on clearance for $9 at Target.

What are your favorite stores to shop at? Target and Old Navy.

Where have you found the best clearance item you own? I usually go straight to the sale rack when shopping and buy most of my things on clearance. I probably have the best luck at Target.

You are a month away from entering motherhood, how you feeling?  95 percent of the time I feel unbelievably excited. We went through so much to get pregnant and every day I have at least one moment where I’m still in disbelief that we are going to have a daughter. I can’t even wait to meet her and hold her. The other 5 percent of the time I feel scared and nervous! The idea of labor and recovery is a little scary, I also get nervous thinking of anything going wrong. Not to mention the idea of being responsible for a baby and our whole lives changing makes me a little nervous too!

What is your advice for pregnant mamas and putting together an outfit? Don’t get frustrated, which is easier said than done. I know I can blame hormones but there were handfuls of times I put on multiple outfits and almost cried, feeling like I couldn’t find anything to wear — okay, I did cry. Your body is so far from what you are used to and it  takes time to figure out what things would work and what don’t. So I’d say to be patient and remember that this time is temporary. I think it is also helpful to find a handful of “staple” items that you feel comfortable in — a pair of skinny jeans, a black dress and simple tops, then accessorize with scarves and jewelry.

Do you have any last minute craft projects you are going to try and squeeze in before the baby comes? I’m happy that I did most of the work in the nursery earlier — when I had more energy and felt more comfortable sitting on the floor and crafting. I still want to make closet dividers for her clothes, labels for the organizing bins and a few other little things. Of course, I feel like I should also organize and clean other things in our house but that doesn’t seem as nearly as fun.


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