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Items for increasing function from contact lenses to electrical items

June 16th, 2013

It can be amazing how small items can make such a big difference when it comes to overall function. Whether it’s the human body or an electrical unit, every small piece can help the overall function. Both the human body and electrical units are a mix of connective features that all require in sync collaboration in order to perform at the highest capability.
The following are some small items to add to function and performance:
IC1078L6WH – Cat6 Jck WHITE has an average retail price of around $11. This is a modular connector jack product that has 8 positions and 8 conductors.
Pyle PLDS5 Power Distribution Block has a slip on top cover feature, Allen screw terminals and a gold plated finish. This is a power distribution block product with an average retail price of around $12 per individual product item.
200 Pair Pyramex Ear Plugs Nrr 31 Lightweight Foam Uncorded Dp1000 has a classic bell shaped form in a cordless style. Each box contains 200 earplugs and can be a great item for professional use. Whether it’s a profession that requires prolonged use of loud machinery or just a crowded office setting with a multitude of close proximity cubicle workers, this can keep hearing operating at the highest quality.
Thera Tears Contact Lens Comfort Drops (.34 oz) is a contact lens comfort drop product that helps to keep contacts feeling moisturized. The drops help to keep these vision aiding lenses working at their highest performance and can be a go-to product to keep your eyes feeling comfortable, rather than dry and scratchy during extended use.
A-100 Retaining Ring Applicator e-ring 0.156 inch 4vcz4 is made from carbon steel with a plain finish. The plastic handle is easy to use and comfortable in its grip. This is a product used for installing standard radial retaining rings.


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