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Industrial strength cleaning products with true power by Misty

May 28th, 2013

While there are some cleaning products that boast industrial strength cleaning agents in the formula, in actuality they won’t be able to stand up to the true grit and grime of spaces used in a professional capacity. There are many different factors of why this is so. Many facilities used in a professional capacity are simply way more frequently used than in a home environment. Also, because of so much frequent use, there are many more outside germs that the space will be subjected to. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to purchase cleaning products that will be able to handle the industrial strength capacity that is needed for professional use.
The following are some true power cleaning products by Misty:
Misty Disinfectant and Deodorant Spray is great for use in hard to reach areas that cleaning cloths simply cannot reach. It can be used on everything from urinals to door knobs and is great for high traffic areas. It completely disinfects and deodorizes within 10 minutes of initial spray and is ideal for industrial use.
Misty NAB Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner contains a concentrated formula and acts as an all-purpose bathroom cleaner. It can clean everything from floors and walls to toilets and urinals and ensures a fully cleansed bathroom.
Misty AltraSan Air Sanitizer & Deodorizer Fresh Linen – 20 ounce Spray attacks odor causing bacteria and is great to have around the office. This not only helps to stop the spread of germs but it has a fresh linen scent that is a great alternative to the overly floral fragrances of other air fresheners.
Hospital Disinfectant and Deodorant 16.5 ounce Aerosol has a formula strong enough to disinfect HIV and other viral exchanges, inhibits the growth of mildew on cloth and deodorizes at the same time.
AMREP Secure 10 Percent Hydrochloric Acid Bowl Cleaner 32 Bottle – 12 in each carton can clean mineral scale, organic matter and stains.


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