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Indoor cats need indoor cat food

March 26th, 2013

Friskies Indoor Delights Adult Dry Cat FoodIf you keep your cat indoors most of the day, then consider this great line of indoor cat food from Friskies. This complete line of both wet and dry cat food, as well as cat treats, is specifically formulated for an indoor cat – giving plenty of garden greens in every bite to help your cat get that taste of the outdoors.

Friskies Indoor Delights Dry Cat Food is formulated for adult cats to help promote a healthy weight while controlling hairballs. It has a little bit of greens mixed in to help give your indoor cat a taste of the outdoors while also promoting healthy skin and fur. Runs about $10 online.

Friskies Indoor Adventures Crunchy Cat Treats 4-oz are treats that are specifically made for indoor cats. It has that light touch of greens for a taste of the outdoors plus a great crunchy texture and chicken taste that your cat is sure to devour. Runs about $6 online.

Friskies Select Indoor Loaf Collection Pack for Cats 5.5oz cans / case of 12 ( 6 of each Chicken Salmon) is a great canned cat food that is for your indoor cat. It comes with six each of chicken and salmon flavor, two very popular tastes. Plus this food helps to control hairballs and promotes a healthy weight. Runs $25 online.

Or try this Friskies Indoor Chicken and Turkey Wet Cat Food (5.5oz can case of 24). The Chicken and Turkey flavor is always a cat favorite and it has garden greens as well to keep that taste of the outdoors. This food, as always, helps to maintain a healthy weight and control hairballs. Runs $30 online for a case of 24.

Give your cat the flavor of homestyle turkey with Friskies Select Indoor Homestyle Turkey for Cats Friskies Select Indoor Homestyle Turkey 24 5.5Oz Cans. It contains 5.5 ounces of great tasting turkey cat food with a little bit of those garden greens thrown in for flavor. Plus hairball control and promotion of a healthy weight for your cat.


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