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How to keep your hot tub water warm

July 2nd, 2013

1.5 lbs. Natural Chemistry Hot Tub and Spa Bromine Tablets is a powerful cleaner that won’t irritate your skin. This product will ensure that your hot tub is sanitized and ready for use. The average price of this product $16 on the web. 

What is the point of a hot tub if the water is cold? With the VULCAN STX060U Spa/Hot Tub Heater,Thermostat,11-1/2 In by Vulcan, you won’t have to worry about it. Vulcan’s heater provides your tub with enough heat to allow you a relaxing and comfortable soak. This product contains an adjustable thermostat so that the water temperature can be changed to your liking. The average price of this heater is  $170-200 on the web. 

Another way to heat your hot tub is with Vulcan’s VULCAN HTTR060US Spa and Hot Tub Heater,20 In,240V. This heater’s thermostat is not included in the original packaging, but is available for purchase separately  The heater will still efficiently heat your tub’s water and allow you to enjoy all the benefits of your new spa. The average price for this heater is $150. 

Pleatco PWK30 Replacement Cartridge for Watkins Hot Spring Spas, 1 Cartridge is a replacement for Watkin’s hot tub filters. You can be sure that your hot tub’s water is clean and free of debris with this product. The filter costs an average of $16 on the web.


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