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How to balance the pH in your hot tub

July 2nd, 2013

What are you requirements for hot tub water? Are they for the water to be crystal clear and clean? Most hot tub owners would prefer just that. Cleaning products and filters are available for purchase on the web to help maintain the clarity and cleanliness of your spa’s water, including managing the pH levels. 

Take a look at a few of the featured hot tub products described below:

Does your water tend to get cloudy? By using the SeaKlear Spa pH Reducer 1qt, you can solve this problem. This product by SeaKlear lowers the pH in your water which makes your water crystal clear. This product also works well with cleaners that remove bacteria. This average retail price of this product is $14.99. 

Do you have a problem with excess oils in your hot tub? Hot tubs that experience high traffic like the ones at hotels and recreational centers often experience this dilemma. This is where SeaKlear Spa Enzyme Klear 1pt comes in. This product is specially formulated to remove oils left behind from lotions, perfumes or sunscreen. Keep your water clear by purchasing a bottle of this formula, which only costs and average of $20 on the web. 

SeaKlear Spa pH Steady 1qt will balance and maintain pH levels in your hot tub to give users a comfortable and relaxing soak. The formula is great for use in hot tubs that are used quite frequently. The average price of this product is $22 on the web. 

Another way to keep your hot tub clean, aside from cleaning products, is to invest in a filter like the Proline 65 Square Foot Filter Cartridge PL8465. This filter will help to keep your water clean and free of debris. The average retail price of this filter is $39.


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